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Our workspace is innovative, functional and tailored to your needs. There are areas for socializing, working on your own or in teams, and connecting with other people doing cool and productive stuff. A reliable office set-up makes work a breeze.

Our private workspaces offer you the freedom and flexibility of having your own space and the convenience of being part of a larger organizational setup with access to meeting rooms, high-speed internet, Kitchen, mailboxes and more.

Beta offers you a central location to hold meetings with potential clients, employees, and investors for those times when you need a face-to-face to seal the deal. We give you access to thoughtfully designed spaces for small or large groups.

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13637 100Ave. Surrey, BC V3T 1H9

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+1(604) 756-1918

Key Features

24/7 Hours Access
Networking Opportunities
Events & Workshops to grow your business
A space to meet & build your clientele
Bring ideas to foster Beta's community spirit

Why Beta Collective?

Beta Collective is a cozy, casual coworking space located in the heart of downtown Surrey. We provide flexible month-to-month desk and office rentals in a unique loft space professionally designed to accommodate a number of different working styles and preferences.

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Clients' testimonials

  • Beta Collective is a great place for a small company or start-up to congregate and grow. Jason and Elvin are professional and friendly, and our transition to their location was flawless.

    Carla Bradstock CPS Fundraising
  • I am very lucky to be a part of Beta Collective. Jason and Elvin are absolutely awesome hosts/landlords. I enjoy working in the same space with strong professionals and enthusiasts that I meet at Beta Collective.

    Tatiana Povarova Time Pause Event
  • Our participation with beta collective allows us to expand our brand into new markets and more importantly allows us to collaborate with an eclectic group of business people.

    Bryce Clark Minni, Clark & Company
  • Little late since we are still moving. Nature of our Engineering business is mostly working on the field far away from city in Civil or Transmission Line. Beta Collective gives us an opportunity to have a system where we can gather our Operations side of our business. Having convenient location gives us more time to have meeting onsite and gives us more time to work from office.

    Shad Rashidi R&R Unlimited

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Small business owners, entrepreneurs, parentrepreneurs, students, start-ups, non-profit organizations... or anyone with a killer idea and the drive to make it happen.

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